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Re: CD faces

Hi Jayme,

Jayme Ayres wrote:
Hi folks,
I have had some ideas for the DVD label and have done two designs.


These are very nice! I really like how the flares have been integrated in to the design. One glaring issue though is that you can't put a keyline around the Fedora logo like that. You have to find another way to make it stand out against the background or even remove it (since there is already a fedora logo in the center right maybe the 10 could be added there and the top of the disc left blank?)

Some other points of critique I hope you'll find helpful:

- The font around the edge of the disc doesn't look like MgOpen Modata.
- You might want to tweak the smaller Fedora logo in the center right closer towards the flames (or maybe pull the flame in a bit more) so the entirety of the Fedora infinity logomark is on top of the light blue and is discernable from the background.
- I wouldn't use the . in "10." I would take it out for the label.

Also, just as a note, as I had mentioned yesterday on the list, I already had the basic designs for the disc labels done - we had decided back during F9 to go with a standard label design to simplify printing moving forward. However, that design is meant for the professionally-done screen printed version of the discs. This design, with the fixes above, would be a fine alternative for folks looking to print smaller runs on their own equipment.


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