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Máirí­n and all others,

just a question, they look awesome but with some I miss the content to
fedora and I ask myself: If somebody sees that freedom boble, does he
realize that it's fedora or is it only for insider?!

JUst a question nothing more; but ...

In my head I have a big idea for a sticker which could also be a good
marketing which I want to share with you and your outstanding ideas in
the past (and I'm also sure in the future). I like the phrase

Fedora! Leaders not fellows

Do you think you can do some "art" for such a *BANG* sentence?



 Am Freitag, den 21.11.2008, 17:03 -0500 schrieb Máirí­n Duffy:
> Hi folks,
> So I promised I'd send you a photo of the physical proof I received from
> the printing company (MaverickLabel.com) for the stickers. There were
> actually some issues with it (and the proof wasn't actually sample
> stickers, just the stickers printed out on-size on some nice paper for
> color comparison so the photo wouldn't have been super awesome anyway.)
> I've been through a few rounds with the printing company to correct
> various issues and I just received a digital proof from them that I'm
> pretty happy with. I've attached it for you to see.
> The colors are PMS-2935 and PMS-541. The pink lines show where the die
> cuts will be made and thus how the stickers can be peeled off the sheet.
> The proof is scaled pretty small: the sheet is actually going to be
> roughly 8'x 10' so there's plenty of space to write in the 'write your
> own' sticker bubbles.
> If we approve it by COB 11/24 I'll receive them by 12/02 which is in
> plenty of time for FUDcon Boston in January.
> Does this look good? If you see any errors or issues let me know and
> I'll have them fixed, otherwise I'd like to send to send them my
> approval ASAP.
> Thanks :)
> ~m
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