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Re: New designer here.

Ibis Fernandez wrote:
Hello all, I'm looking to get involved in the project. I have over 11


years experience in character animation and design and am looking to contribute artwork and (or) animation pieces, perhaps even join a dev team interesting in developing animation apps for linux. Were do we begin?

The first step to becoming involved in the project is our request queue: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork/DesignService

Currently we don't have here at Fedora an on going project [of which I would be aware of] creating animations, but that is probably because we lack the skill.

A few days ago Tatica was telling me about how she think it would be useful to have an "intro", a promo video good to have playin in hte background at various events. She it playing with Blender and explore what is possible to do with it (we also have Mola which is experienced with Blender).

As for application development, we don't do that here, the development is best happening upstream (at Blender, Synfig or whatever) and then getting the software into Fedora.

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