download page == teh awesome

Klaatu gort.klaatu at
Tue Nov 25 15:57:07 UTC 2008

I don't know who takes care of this stuff, but I was really really impressed
with the new/updated download page for fedora 10.  The buttons on the right
side of the page are brilliant -- "KDE Fans Click Here" and "Need PowerPC?
Click here"   -- now sure, I'm biased, because those two versions of Fedora
happen to be the two that I use   :^)   but......objectively speaking, that
is user friendly and attractive.  Great job, who ever did that!  Oh, and
making it clear that yes, you can Upgrade and existing installation was
great too.

Great job, Fedora people!


uzu linukso. subtenu libera programaro.
kotizu al
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