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Re: download page == teh awesome

Once GNOME fans click "KDE fans click here button" they don't know how
to go back and voila! Fresh KDE adept! =)

Why no "You like GNOME better?" kind of button on KDE page?

2008/11/25 Klaatu <gort klaatu gmail com>:
> I don't know who takes care of this stuff, but I was really really impressed
> with the new/updated download page for fedora 10.  The buttons on the right
> side of the page are brilliant -- "KDE Fans Click Here" and "Need PowerPC?
> Click here"   -- now sure, I'm biased, because those two versions of Fedora
> happen to be the two that I use   :^)   but......objectively speaking, that
> is user friendly and attractive.  Great job, who ever did that!  Oh, and
> making it clear that yes, you can Upgrade and existing installation was
> great too.
> Great job, Fedora people!
> -klaatu
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