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Re: [Echo Perspective] user-trash concept

On Thu, 2008-11-27 at 11:17 -0800, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> Just completed installation to Fedora 10. Added in Echo Perspective is
> trash concept based on
> real object using Martin's gradients. Feedback welcome.
As a concept I think it could work, the exact implementation however
lacks something. I am not sure which might it be, but perhaps the
gradients are too much of a combination of metallic and grey and it
clashes when used together. Could you try to achieve more realistic look
and having the outlines more subtle, only to emphasise the shape, but
not to clash visually with the fills? Feel free to adjust the gradients
as you see fit - the versions from me are supposed to be base set and
it's desirable to adjust them for the exact icons they are used in. 

I also think the thrash material could have some depth in the 256x256
version. The shadow should be IMHO nearly realistic in 256x256 version.
You could also try to slightly distort the ellipse to achieve
perspective imitation.

Don't know with what size you started, but I tend to start with the
256x256 one and gradually decrease amount of detail when doing the
smaller ones. It helps me better define the exact implementation of the
chosen metaphor (which, on the other hand, has to be chosen to look good
down to 16x16 size...).

> Luya

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