Fedora Four F's Button Submission

duffy at dangerouslyinc.com duffy at dangerouslyinc.com
Wed Oct 1 00:52:02 UTC 2008

Hey Clint,

> Not that anyone requested this, but I wanted to practice my inkscape
> skills and thought this a nice challenge.
> I've played with this a bunch of times and have included two links to
> share for those who wouldn't mind reviewing my work.
> http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/files/fedora_four_fs.png
> http://herlo.fedorapeople.org/files/fedora_four_fs.svg
> Thanks for the input and I hope this is a good contribution to the art
> team.

This looks great! One thing I would suggest, is instead of centering the
text along a line down the center, I would center the text along a line
that goes from the upper left to the lower right, so the text is rotated
around maybe 45 degrees. Does that make sense? I think it might balance it
a bit... right now because the text on the bottom is so much shorter, it
makes the design look bowed out on the top and skinny on the bottom.

Does that make sense?


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