Second draft of candidates for F10 solar CD/DVD sleeves

Jarod Wen jarodwen at
Mon Oct 6 22:53:41 UTC 2008

Hi All,

Please find the updated draft of candidates for F10 solar CD/DVD  
sleeves from this link:

The main changes include:

* changed fonts to be MgOpen Modata;
* changed the planet to be the latest version from solar theme;
* redesigned the nebular around the planets;
* updated the planets in all candidates for the same style;
* cleaned the source files with better layers' name;
* re-arranged the webpage so that you need not to open the png files  
at one time.

As mentioned by ~m, since the color issue is not a key one now, I kept  
the original color design for this version. I will try to figure out  
how to decrease the number of colors while keeping the better  
performance(it is a little hard to me as a newbie... :-P).

Please give me your comments! Thanks!

Jarod Wen
jarodwen at

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