Echo Icon Theme in F10?

Luya Tshimbalanga luya at
Tue Oct 14 06:20:29 UTC 2008

Quoting Rex Dieter <rdieter at>:
> fyi, the kde-sig has chosen to *not* use echo (as default) for kde(1) in
> F-10,
> There's simply too much missing/broken, and not enough man power/time to
> find and fix it satisfactorily in time for release.
> I do continue to applaud the efforts here.
> -- Rex

Thank you, Rex. The decision from kde-sig has been expected considering the lack
of manpower to check KDE side for Fedora 10 (Martin and I are primarily Gnome
users) as you stated. It will be nice get one of kde-sig members to  keep track
inside Echo icon website[1] for future Fedora release.


Luya Tshimbalanga
Fedora Project contributor

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