Fifth draft for F10 sleeves

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Wed Oct 15 07:27:17 UTC 2008

Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
> ----- "Jarod Wen" wrote:
>> I noticed this problem. In fact I did the "10" in Gimp since I don't 
>> know how to make outer glow effect in Inkscape, then I imported the  
>> png file into inkscape. Is there any way I can solve the problem? I  
>> included the source xcf file of "10" in the source package.
> You can try "Blur" effect - "Object" -> "Fill and Stroke" and there is
> slidebar. And I think it should be same glow color as Fedora logo has.

Of course, the blur effect is applied to a copy/duplicate. Optionally, 
you can outset (Path->Outset) the duplicate a few times before blurring it.

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