Echo Icon Theme in F10?

Luya Tshimbalanga luya at
Thu Oct 16 09:11:00 UTC 2008

Blame me for pushing Echo through FESCO. After following suggestion for
submitting it to FESCO, I was a bit surprised that icon set was
accepted. Were it rejected, we will not have to deal with current
issue.     In one part we'd withdraw Echo while taking a hit from
outside  for once again not include it; in other part we keep, taking a
hit for having some incomplete set. That is dilemma which basically
means choosing a poison. It reminds PackageKit case that was pushed as
0.1 release which some incomplete functions.  Granted, it has not as
visible as Echo. It is up to the leader who has a final sentence.

Máirín Duffy a écrit :

> Here's some of that feedback. There are other screenshots at
> the bottom of the page I wanted to do the full critique on,
> but after spending some hours doing the critique that is
> complete there, I felt that what is there sufficiently and
> objectively demonstrates that Echo is not ready to be a
> default icon set:
Martin covered most issues, here is mine:


    * -    Gnome version of new file has a too bright star.
    * -    Save icon can a matter of debate, Gnome version looks like a
      portable cd player. Echo version rendering issue will be addressed.
    * -    Other Echo icons were from early version that need to be changed


    * Help and Reset are not Echo icons.

System Hardware

    *  Keyboard: actually  a wrong symlink version because that icon was
      initially intended for preferences-desktop-keyboard-shortcut. I
      have prepared a new version of  based on your suggestion minus
      letters along along with revamped input-keyboard I am uploading
    *  Palm: was before the new guideline, intended to fix that.
    *  Firefox and Thunderbird:  Actually Thunderbird perspective
      appears to match Echo version. When it comes to circular, only
      shadows are dealt.
    *  That paint icon: does not come by default in panel.

Additional icons

    *  From which size of icons those blurriness come from?

- Nuts enough to have five different icons theme on desktop.


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