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Jayme Ayres jayme at jaymeayres.com
Thu Oct 16 18:33:47 UTC 2008

2008/10/16 Máirín Duffy <duffy at fedoraproject.org>

> Hi Jayme!
> Jayme Ayres wrote:
> > I like the proposal of Mo and Nicu, but I think the corners are very
> > rounded, my preference in this design is further soften the corners with
> the
> > closing tipography Fedora.
> I still really like the very rounded corners Nicu did. They
> match the curves of the d, o, and a in Fedora.

I understand that the rounded corner is compatible with the typography of
Fedora, but thinking about the composition of the image, rounded corners
less fit better in tune.

> The letters
> 'r' and 'x' may need a bit more breathing room where they
> hit the edge of the rounded box but somehow it seems to
> match the fedora feel more than the more boxy corners to me.

I agree that the letters "r" and "x" are not well distributed and I think
that '! " demonstrates very well the idea of "Remix" is a concept..

> > As the color palette: I thought the colors chosen have a very pastel
> shade
> > (the weather reminds me of the northern hemisphere, despite never having
> > gone over there ... lol), and as I am Brazilian and I enjoy contrasting
> > colors and a little warmer. I have published a new palette with my
> proposal
> > and I hope you like it.
> I really like your palette. It takes the colors that Nicu
> picked from Agave but makes them a bit brighter.

Updated. Forgive me, I put an "F" at the file name, so that the link was

> Can you upload the SVG of your palette? It looks like the
> file is missing
> (
> https://fedoraproject.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Upload&wpDestFile=Ffedora_remix_jayme-colors.svg
> )
> I would like to see the rounded logo done up with all these
> colors to make sure they don't make the 'remix' text too
> hard to read. If they don't that's what I recommend we go
> with. Does that sound reasonable?
> ~m
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