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Juan Camilo Prada Ojeda juankprada at
Sun Oct 19 22:53:50 UTC 2008

hello guys, so its me again showing here the new design for the get-fedora

As planed for Fedora 10 release the get-fedora section should be changed
providing a better interface for new users (and old users as well) to get
the installation media.
This new design tries to help new users while not getting in the way of
experienced users who wants to download Fedora, as well as providing links
to mirrors, spins and torrent files, also some information was added to make
each choice more understandable following some old ideas that i've worked on

So, please check the publicktest15[2] and give some feedback on the design.
Also (and this goes specially to the art team ^^ ) the icons that are
displayed on the new design are not the ones that should be used, those were
taken from google and i'm not sure about any legal issues they might have
so, i would like to know if we already have some similar icons to those on
the Echo Icon theme, as it would be good the icons fit that theme. If we do
have them please let me know where to find them and if we dont have them
so... is anyone willing to help making the icons to replace the current ones
on the new design :) ?

Im open to any feedback you can provide

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