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Mon Oct 20 19:29:28 UTC 2008

"That also pretty much summarize our main goal, which is similar to what
tango project has, to cover various desktops with one icon set."

Well, with one style. Huge difference.

I'm still not a fan of the isometric view of the bigger icons, i think
it causes most of the noise in the icons.
Also, I do not see a need for that particular viewpoint.

Anyway, the new perspective icons look much crispier. Good job! :)


2008/10/20 Martin Sourada <martin.sourada at>:
> Hi,
> the last week's discussion about Echo was pretty fruitful I think and
> showed that the general opinion is to not include Echo in F10 as a
> default icon set. I take this as an opportunity to rethink the general
> goals of echo and "give some credit" to various critics.
> The main reason why *I* think not to have Echo in F10 as default is
> incomplete coverage of other-than-48x48-px sizes and shortcomings of the
> scalable icons that are supposed to fill the gap. We're slowly but
> steadily improving that and I think Echo should not be submitted for
> inclusion in Fedora as default icon set before this issue is resolved.
> Next there is a general coverage where we are already close to gnome
> upstream icon set. We will be improving that as well. I'd like to focus
> on (nearly) full coverage of Desktop Live Spin, KDE Live Spin and XFCE
> Live Spin (others as well, but I don't have them all in memory). So if
> you are missing echo styled icons in your favourite application that is
> included in one of those spins, feel free to file a bug [1]. It will not
> be handled instantly, but it helps us deciding what icons need to be
> done ;-)
> That also pretty much summarize our main goal, which is similar to what
> tango project has, to cover various desktops with one icon set.
> Finally I'd like to throw some fuel for discussion (mainly on the
> art-list). We are a lot criticized for inconsistencies in the projection
> we use in echo. Strictly speaking we are using 3 different types of
> projections and we have rules which is used where and we are pretty much
> consistent with that. Especially we do not introduce any other different
> projections to these and thus trying to keep the set consistent. In that
> we are even better than gnome - I discovered a few of icons there that
> does not adhere to their projection guidelines and have their own
> (though usually only slightly different from the main types).
> But on the other side it turns out that having three main types of
> projections is too much for an icon set and that having two is about the
> right number. So I started discovering the idea a bit more [2] with the
> hope to come to some conclusions (in the future) about echo projection
> guidelines. I am thinking about creating a parallel icon set that would
> use echo guidelines sans the projection ones, but I have not yet decided
> on the used type of projections.
> My top candidate currently is perspective projection from a similar
> viewpoint as used by gnome icon theme - that would much improve our
> coexistence with it. I am attaching proof of concept icon sketches
> following this projection rule. I plan to explore other types of
> projections as well and write another blog post (a follow-up to [2])
> later (but it will take some time, since I don't have much spare time
> available for echo lately).
> Comments welcome,
> Martin
> References:
> [1]
> [2]
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