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You have a great eye and a great style, Mairin.



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On Oct 23, 2008, at 10:09 PM, Leigh Cantrell Day wrote:

> Mairin -- these are just fabulous (IMHO, ie, not an artist or  
> designer)!  Could see these icons tell the story in so many use  
> cases, alone and combined.
> Really great work...
> leigh
> Mairin Duffy wrote:
>> Hey folks,
>> I put together some designs for the four f's posters. They are  
>> *very* different than our infinity freedom community ones. Because  
>> they are such a departure (a lot less shiny) and a little weird, I  
>> won't be broken-hearted if you hate them, just let me know. I  
>> designed them so you could use any of them alone, or you can use  
>> them together and connect them to make an even bigger poster. They  
>> are also designed so they are more of a backdrop than a main  
>> event. Influences include sari fabric (do you see it?), Red Hat's  
>> website background, and quilts! You'll see what I mean when you  
>> look at them, I think/hope.
>> Anyhow, here's the individual posters. There's one for each f,  
>> then there are two that have all four f's on them:
>> Here's what they look like connected to make a bigger poster and  
>> what they look like lined up horizontally:
>> posters.png
>> Let me know what you think. If we want to go for another look  
>> let's talk about the kind of look/feel we should try. Any Fedora  
>> Ambassadors reading this, I'd especially like to hear what  
>> direction you think we should go in as you're the folks with these  
>> posters at events competing with other booths/tables.
>> ~m
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