Proposal: Wallpaper extras submission/packaging procedure

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at
Fri Oct 24 17:55:19 UTC 2008

Ian Weller wrote:
> The current gallery system for the Wallpaper Extras -- 
> isn't working. It doesn't do us good for keeping track of attributions,
> especially if we start taking lots of outside contributions from Flickr
> or the like (which I plan on doing soon).
> I propose the following method for controlling the wallpaper extras:
> The entire wallpaper extras framework for submission and tracking
> will be on the wiki, through MediaWiki's category system. The main
> category will be [[Category:Wallpaper extras]], which will contain only
> other categories and unsorted wallpapers.
> Subcategories to that will be along the lines of [[Category:Abstract
> wallpaper extras]], which can also contain other subcategories if we
> want to categorize further. Categories have a built-in gallery setup.
> The image page itself (i.e., [[Image:Wallpaper-nicubunu-hay.jpg]]) will
> contain a template (which we'll need to write) that will contain
> information such as the creator, the URL it was taken from (if
> applicable), and who added it to the wiki, and what license was
> originally under.
> From this, we can produce a Python script that will take all of the
> images from the wiki with its metadata and put it in a git repository,
> stored on Fedora Hosted. A CREDITS file (or something similar) can be
> created to give the necessary attribution to the original author under
> the CC-BY-SA license, which would be derived from the image's metadata.
> Everyone's thoughts? I think this gives an appropriate balance between
> ease of adding new wallpapers while still making it easy to produce a
> set of RPMs for Fedora. I can take care of writing the scripts.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
I personally think we should hold a wallpaper contest photo artwork etc
with a specific subject/theme in conduction with fedoramagazine each month
or so then top 3 picture ( or top in each category ) would be picked 
added to the wiki and package.

There has to be some kind of review process both for the wiki and or 

I can flood the wiki with pictures which I would think were good but 
that necessary does not
make it that the majority of the public agrees with me..

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