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Charlie Brej fedora-art at
Sun Oct 26 23:28:17 UTC 2008

Current solar background's consume 33Mb. This a bit on the heavy side, 
especially on the Live CD which is over its image limit. Currently there are 4 
different images (morning, noon, evening, night) sent out in 4 different sizes 
(4:3, 16:10, 5:4 and 8:3 for dual screen).
What we could do is to send out just one 3200:1200 image and patch up 
gnome-desktop background handling to support cropping to the right aspect.

So currently we have:
	<size width="2048" height="1536">4-3.png</size>
	<size width="1920" height="1200">16-10.png</size>
	<size width="1600" height="1280">5-4.png</size>
	<size width="3200" height="1200">8-3.png</size>	

And since we are interested in the stuff in the bottom right corner we add an X 

	<size width="1600" height="1200" x="1600" y="0">8-3.png</size>
	<size width="1920" height="1200" x="1280" y="0">8-3.png</size>
	<size width="1500" height="1200" x="1700" y="0">8-3.png</size>
	<size width="3200" height="1200"               >8-3.png</size>

This would allow us to ship just one 3200x1200 size of each time of day image.

I do realise this is very late since the freeze is on Tuesday, so this can 
easily wait till F11. But if people think it may be possible to repackage 
gnome-desktop and the backgrounds in time then forward the attached patch to the 
gnome-desktop packagers and see if they agree.
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