Artwork Quality (was Re: Sound themes)

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Thu Oct 30 08:21:53 UTC 2008

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> They almost certainly are. The audience for Fedora Electronics Lab
> wouldn't be the same audience as for Fedora Desktop, which isn't
> (necessarily) the same audience as Fedora KDE, which isn't the
> same audience as 'the Fedora spin'. I'm pretty sure the audience
> for the latter has never been clearly defined.

The thing is that we want to make easier for people to "get" Fedora, 
with a simplified download page and such, offering as default a single 
option and this option is the Desktop spin, effectively making it the 
main spin.

> Since every Fedora <foo> inherits from the same package set (which 
> includes artwork), this becomes a sticky wicket - we end up with continual
> conflict one way or another whenever anyone actually attempts to make a
> change that is for a particular audience. One example is artwork. Another
> might be the tty that X starts on, just to pick something out of a hat.
> I'm not sure what the solution is. Having the art group create different
> artwork for all the different targets we may serve with our spins?
> I suspect there's a resource problem there. Moreover, it's not like
> we fork initscripts for different spins, or desktop packages, etc.

We get from time to time requests for such customized artwork, he most 
recent which come to my mind is the Security spin. Sometime the requests 
are meet with resistance by people like me who does not understand the 
need of a Fedora spin with a different look and feel (or the purpose of 
still calling it Fedora) and sometime they get followed with some 
artwork. But usually in such cases the artwork is... how I can say in 
not-offending words? ...less than perfect, since it is developed on a 
shortcut, not a full process. It may have not the best usability or
violate the guidelines (logo usage).

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