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Candidates for Fedora 10 CD/DVD sleeves

Hi all,

I have just finished my first attempt: two candidates for the live cd, one for the install dvd. 

The style of the design follows the previous version used in Fedora 9. Most of the sources used in these design are from the source of Solar theme of Fedora 10. Since I am a newbie in design using Gimp and Inkscape, there are lots of learner's attempts... Please don't hesitate to give me any suggestions to improve the source files.

You can find them from the link:


Sorry for using my own website since I am not familiar with the process on how to upload these files onto our wiki. And of course, I think they are still drafts. I need your advice to improve them. 


On Sep 30, 2008, at 9:43 PM, fedora-art-list-request redhat com wrote:

On Sep 30, 2008, at 4:04 PM, fedora-art-list-request redhat com wrote:

Cool. We have a standard design we use for the disc so all that is
needed is the sleeve design. We need one for live media and one for  

Sure. It is very useful that I have got the source files of ones for  
F9. It really a good starting point for me to do some work based on  

Jarod Wen

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