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Re: Fourth draft for F10 sleeves for your comments

Jarod Wen wrote:
Hi all,

Sorry for this late update. Please find them from the link


Cool the main layout is great. The text on the back is a bit large though and doesn't use MgOpen Modata. Also, "Inter-Compatible PCs" <= I've never heard of this term. I'm not sure what it means.

The main changes are: New drafts with single png file as background.

Do you have an SVG file with the text laid over the background image? The '10' looks like it has some artifacts on it and it's kind of pixelated.

< The
nebula has been removed due to the cost of printing.

Just to be clear, there is no restriction on colors for the sleeves as i mentioned earlier. The color restrictions only apply to the discs themselves as they are screen-printed. The sleeves follow a different printing process for which the cost is not based on the number of the colors. However, I think this looks much better without the nebula. The final artwork for F10 does not have the nebula so it wouldn't match that artwork with it.

Some additional information about the live CD is added.

Looks good!

There are some problems on the fonts since my X11 fails to load MgOpen fonts. I will fix this later when I am back to my lab.

Maybe I can take the base image and lay the fonts on top for you.


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