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Re: nodoka 0.8.x branch, configuration

On Fri, 2008-10-10 at 17:04 +0200, Elmar Tielke wrote:
> Hello there!

> Congratulations for a very nice GTK engine! I have been playing around
> with it for a while now. I'm currently using a mix of nodoka and murrine
> elements in my gtkrc (intended to be OSX-like). I'm using the 0.7.1
> version of nodoka for most of my theme - murrine is used for the
> buttons.
I'd like to see how it looks like :)

> I made two small modifications in nodoka to get a different
> hilight-effect with the progress- and scrollbar_fill. I thought it might
> be worth an idea to make this configurable by introducing two style
> variables to specify the hilight values and the gradient center used in
> nodoka_draw.c
> The variable containing the hilight values could be a list of
> float/double values with default setiings from nodoka_draw.c
> #define GLASS_HILIGHT 1.1
> #define BULGING_TOP_HILIGHT 1.105
> #define HOLLOW_TOP_HILIGHT 1.147
> #define DARK_TOP_HILIGHT 1.487
> The gradient center again defaults to the value from nodoka_draw.c
> #define GRADIENT_CENTER 0.7
> Variables might for ex be:
> hilight_shades = { 1.1, 1.105, 1.06, 1.147, 1.0, 1.487, 1.0 }
> gradient_center = 0.7
> What do you think?
Well, I want to expand the nodoka configurability for the 0.8.x branch
and in the past I even considered adding these options, but somehow
forgot about it as I started implementing different styles instead (as
you can see in git or at the wiki [1]). But there is a possibility that
I'll implement these, though in a slightly different way. I'd probably
add something like these:

gradient_<gradient_type>_custom = TRUE
gradient_<gradient_type>_stops = {0.0, 0.7, 1.0}
gradient_<gradient_type>_shades = {1.1, 1.105, 1.147}
gradient_<gradient_type>_alpha = {1.0, 1.0, 1.0}

The number of stops might be made configurable and it would be decided
by the number of stops specified in gradient_<gradient_type>_stops.
As how the gradient is implemented in Nodoka now, the <gradient_type>
would be one of these:


though the names would probably need to change to better reflect that
they are configurable...


[1] https://fedorahosted.org/nodoka/wiki/0.8.x_Brainstorm

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