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Re: Echo Icon Theme in F10?

Martin Sourada wrote:

most of you probably know, but I'll write it again - Echo Icon Theme is
the default icon theme in F10 since Beta (for testing purposes and
exposition to wider audience) and I am one of the feature owners. The
change is rather small (in that it does not break things, replaces just
graphics, no code) but pretty much exposed. I'd like to make clear that
we are not going to go against general opinion and I deem it natural for
the Art (since it's art) and Desktop (since it's going to be default in
Gnome Desktop) Teams to decide whether we are ready or not.

Because of the nature of the change it is IMHO possible to make the
decision last minute (i.e. around the development freeze). What I'd like
to ask you now is the preferred way to decide upon it. Should we hold a
irc meeting, do a mail vote, set up a vote in the fedora voting system,
other way? I'd prefer the vote in the fedora voting system (opened for
Art and Desktop team members only), but if you think otherwise would be
better, don't hesitate to suggest.

I also think that about three or four days for the vote should be
enough, so I propose the voting dates to be set to
2008/10/23--2008/10/26. Is that OK with you?

Thanks for your comments,

Since FESCo already made the decision that it sticks if the coverage is good enough, what does the current status look like for the base icons?


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