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Re: Fedora 10 promo video (draft)

Paul W. Frields wrote:

* I think pointing out "Solar" when you use a sun for the backdrop is
probably unnecessary -- it's actually cooler to let the sun speak for
itself as our theme.

I also think that naming the theme was a bit too much, "a new graphic theme" would be enough.
I also think it's very hard to make a "short" list with features to outline

On the whole I think this is a neat idea -- why not have a nice little
film if we have stock graphics to support it?  If you have the various
source files, you'll want to post them (or links to them).  Is Kino in
our repository?

No, Kino uses certain codecs so can't be included in Fedora. It is usually installed from the just-launched repository that sould not be named :p It was an effort to make it suitable for inclusion, but in the end it was not pursued (it was too hard). So for the moment we don't have a video editor "good enough" - PiTiVi is not there yet.

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