Echo Icon Theme in F10?

Martin Sourada martin.sourada at
Wed Oct 15 19:07:09 UTC 2008

First of all, thanks for the review, it pretty much outlines the issues
I feel uneasy about as well. First, most of these issues are caused by
SVG icon being scaled down (sometimes for a reason unknown to me and
sometimes because of missing appropriate size variant). So I skip these,
because we need to just finish other size and adjust them a little to
keep them in sync with other icons. I seriously doubt we'll fix those in
time for F10.

Now, for the rest.

The delete icon - yes, it looks different and I proposed we change it to
something other. The discussion was postponed for after F10 release.

The close icon on tabs - yes, it is chopped off and I don't understand
why. It has correct size and the icon itself isn't chopped off, but in
*some* applications it looks this way :-/

The door icon - the doors are slightly opened, perhaps too little, and
behind there is a black space. The two pixel width outline is because
both door and the door-hole has it's own outline. I agree, it might need

System->Administration - yep, it probably needs rework to better fit
with the style.

Shut Down - dunno if you remember, but at the time it was being created
there were a lot of submission and for some reason we chose this on. But
even after a half a year (IIRC) of seeing it everyday it looks a bit
weird me.

Network - yep, an old style one. We need to use the new styled monitors
for these...

Palm - agreed

Volume - I accepted it back when we were creating it, but it seems to me
it actually uses different perspective from other icons...

Firefox, Thunderbird, OpenOffice = pain, while firefox being the best...
Basically the toolbar icons are pretty much themable in firefox,
thunderbird needs theme, openoffice needs theme. Not a decent citizens.
Seeing that our mail client of choice is Evolution though, which works
good with Echo, I'd guess Thuderbird hasn't the highest priority (and it
does not even fit with the F9 default icon theme). For openoffice we
would probably need to symlink/copy the echo icons into echo icon theme
for openoffice... I don't know, how they handle it.

I'd very much like to hear Luya's opinion, but I don't feel like
supporting Echo for F10 as default much longer...

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