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Re: Solar backrounds - enable by default?

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Bill Nottingham wrote:
Martin Sourada (martin sourada gmail com) said:
We need to enable them by default, I believe Mo is taking care of it?
There's one concern though - the size of the package is 37.4 MiB. Is
there a chance to make it smaller, or is it the best we can achieve?
That may be an issue for the livecd. The existing desktop-backgrounds
package (that's put on the livecd, and includes the waves images)
is 14MB.

So the ones we have are very high resolution. We could scale
them down to smaller more common resolutions and I am sure
save a lot of space. But if people want to install the
higher resolution ones, (say for a 30" monitor or dual
screens) what's the best way to package that?

We can split up the high res ones into a separate sub package so it is available in the repo but not installed by default. Live CD is always cramped for space so we need to be careful there.


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