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Re: The third draft for F10 Solar CD/DVD sleeves

Paul W. Frields wrote:

Am I completely wrong that "For Intel-compatible PCs" is better for the
users to whom we're handing these out?  If we were to make special
64-bit covers, I'd suggest "For 64-bit PCs."  The number of 64-bit
machines is steadily growing in the USA but the people who typically ask
specifically for 64-bit don't need to be told what they have.  On the
other hand, the only way to accommodate people who *don't* know is to
give them the standard 32-bit version, and they don't need to know the

Well, probably the AMD fanboys are not that happy with spelling "Intel"...

Note: for the time being I run mostly Intel machines, but I still am an AMD fanboy at heart and understand why spelling "Intel" *may* be better for newbies (which newbies should be educated by someone).

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