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Re: The third draft for F10 Solar CD/DVD sleeves

On Thu, 2008-10-16 at 11:07 -0400, Jarod Wen wrote:
> > May be a little nitpicky, but what's wrong with calling a machine made
> > by Apple (regardless of whether it has a ppc, pcc64, or Intel chip) a
> > PC? By every definition (other than Apple's marketing), it is a
> > "personal computer" thereby qualifying it as a "PC".
> Personally, I wish I could see on the sleeve that my mac can use it.  
> Of course, I admitted that when I was a newbie in Linux, I was rather  
> confused by the name of i386/586/686... Maybe a simple mark, saying 32- 
> bit or 64-bit, will be better? Or we just mention the 64-bit CD/DVD  
> separately but none on CD?

That's what I was driving at -- we shouldn't need to point out 32-bit
since it won't be helpful to most people who don't know the difference.
We can call out 64-bit specifically if desired, for the exact opposite

> > I really like these, however, I'd also like to drive any potential
> > contributors to join.fedoraproject.org on the back of the sleeve. I
> > think that we did that with F9 to great effect. Comments, criticisms
> > or flames? :)
> I noticed that in the final printable sleeves for Fedora 9  
> "fedoraproject.org" has been changed to "join.fedoraproject.org".  
> Maybe it is a good idea to follow this way, isn't it?

Yes, see the separate thread on the fifth draft (:-D) for details.  The
big link should be join.fedoraproject.org.  I don't think it's a problem
if we have the "help.fedoraproject.org" link contained in the smaller
instructions section.  We just want to make sure it's *not* as
noticeable as join.fp.o.

Paul W. Frields
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