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Re: Echo Icon Theme in F10?

Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> Regarding icons using different perspective, it is much worse for any
> theme especially when new applications do not have icons that follow
> either guideline (Blender, KOffice, xsane, about-me, gFTP, etc.) .

I'm not quite groking this sentence. But at least for what
seems the majority of upstream GNOME apps these days, their
icons are based on the gnome-icon-theme/tango standards
which are flat or on the table perspectives.

In the case of third party apps like blender, firefox,
thunderbird, etc, the majority of these icons tend to again
be a flat perspective.

That an icon follows an isometric perspective also doesn't
mean it will follow the same isometric perspective as Echo.
Echo on my desktop faces away from me. Bluecurve is a bit
friendlier because it faces towards me. The two together,
while both isometric, do not match well at all wrt perspective.

Again, I believe the isometric perspective, at least for the
22x22 and 24x24 icons of echo has proven to be a very poor
choice in terms of cleanness/crispness, clarity, and
alignment to the pixel grid, issues of integrating with
other icons aside.


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