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Re: [Echo] Addressing ticket #25 with revamped keyboard + shortcut variant

Máirín Duffy a écrit :
> Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> the 16x16 icon has muddy icons and looks blurry. I would try
> again to align it to the pixel grid.
> The next larger one (22x22?) suffers the same muddiness of
> outlines. I think a flat perspective would be more
> appropriate, or maybe removing some of the keys.
> The next largest icon (32x32?) has some aliasing/awkwardness
> inbetween the ec and ho rows. i would suggest collapsing the
> border into one clear line.
> Overall the key caps aren't really deep enough to look like
> keys. They look like lettered white gum chiclets to me.
Some calculators have similar keyboard.
Added depth adn alignment to the grid should be fixed.



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