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Re: Solar derived artwork under GPLv2+

----- "Nicu Buculei" <nicu_fedora nicubunu ro> wrote:

> Charlie Brej wrote:
> > Nicu Buculei wrote:
> >>  From my understanding, it's both.
> >> It was originally released as CC-BY-SA and the author just allowed
> >> also GPLv2+
> > 
> > I just wanted the two images dual licensed under GPLv2. The rest can
> > stay as CC-BY-SA which (AFAIK) is a better licence for artwork.
> The best option is dual license, both CC-BY-SA and GPL, otherwise you
> can go in murky waters: the GPL talks about the source code, and what
> is 
> the source fode for those two images? The layered .xcf.
> So having a consistent (dual) license is the easiest way.

Ok, sounds good for me. So I'm going to use multiple licenses for
solar-kde-theme. CC-BY-SA for artwork and GPLv2 for source code
of themes (it's inherited work from original KDM theme).


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