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Re: Fedora Button artwork

Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ) wrote:
Máirín Duffy wrote:

John Rose had a bunch of these printed up for the recent Ohio Linux Fest
and they came out well. There's printer-ready artwork here:


Ooo nice. Can I request a design that has the 4 f's written on the top
curve of the button ?

I think Scribus hates me, It refuses to open Mo's "plain" template, so I can provide only a SVG version: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Image:Fedora-button_4f.svg
PNG preview: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Image:Fedora-button_4f.png

One idea could also be to do a pin for each of the four Fedora f's... we
don't have designs for that yet though.

That would be awesome to have though. Yes, surely very nice to have.

Maybe using the iconography/graphic style/colors form the posters, otherwise I think it would be boring to wear 4 blue buttons, very similar with each other, only with a different word on them.

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