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Re: four f's poster designs

Wonderful! I like the proposed changes in color and this has meant that art is more cheerful, leaving the intensive use of the blue.
I think after the palette Remix we can use more colors in posters, flyers and so on.
Congratulations to you and the fine work by Nico.

2008/10/24 "Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ)" <foss mailinglists gmail com>
Mairin Duffy wrote:

> I put together some designs for the four f's posters. They are *very*
> different than our infinity freedom community ones.

Yes, they are so wonderfully and awesomely different. Words would be
superfluous when trying to appreciate the perspective, insight and care
that went into making them.

Now to put them up at the office.


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