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Re: Bug 468277 - Solar: progress bar seems out of place

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Ray Strode wrote:
Hi guys,

Plymouth recently got a bug report about the progress bar in the Solar
boot plugin.  The styling of the progress bar doesn't really match the
surrounding artwork.

Charlie mentioned on the bug report that this was to match the Nodoka
theme.  I think it doesn't really work because progress bars in Nodoka
are normally on a solid gray background surrounded by other on screen

Do you guys think that you could do a more stylized one that fits in
with the surrounding artwork?

Charlie had a prototype idea here:


what we have now is this:


I like Charlie's prototype, can we use that?


Fedora-art-list mailing list
Fedora-art-list redhat com
If the planets are rotating around the "sun" then that should be enough.
I say skip the progress bar...

Since it is, in general, impossible to know how long service startup
will take, we lie. We record the time it took to boot last time and run
the progress bar against that. There's a detail here which is that you
can't know that until you've mounted /, so we estimate something really
long initially and then once we load the time off the disk we lerp
between the estimate and the recorded time.

We also cheat in that the growth of the progress bar is intentionally
nonlinear, growing faster early and then slowing down towards the end.
This fools your brain into thinking it's going faster than it really is.
Usually the math works out such that you'll see the bar fully complete
for a second or two before switching to gdm or text console. But,
sometimes much longer, if this boot happens to take ten seconds longer
than last one then there's just not much we can do about that.

- ajax"


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