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Proposal: Wallpaper extras submission/packaging procedure

The current gallery system for the Wallpaper Extras -- 
isn't working. It doesn't do us good for keeping track of attributions,
especially if we start taking lots of outside contributions from Flickr
or the like (which I plan on doing soon).

I propose the following method for controlling the wallpaper extras:

The entire wallpaper extras framework for submission and tracking
will be on the wiki, through MediaWiki's category system. The main
category will be [[Category:Wallpaper extras]], which will contain only
other categories and unsorted wallpapers.

Subcategories to that will be along the lines of [[Category:Abstract
wallpaper extras]], which can also contain other subcategories if we
want to categorize further. Categories have a built-in gallery setup.

The image page itself (i.e., [[Image:Wallpaper-nicubunu-hay.jpg]]) will
contain a template (which we'll need to write) that will contain
information such as the creator, the URL it was taken from (if
applicable), and who added it to the wiki, and what license was
originally under.

From this, we can produce a Python script that will take all of the
images from the wiki with its metadata and put it in a git repository,
stored on Fedora Hosted. A CREDITS file (or something similar) can be
created to give the necessary attribution to the original author under
the CC-BY-SA license, which would be derived from the image's metadata.

Everyone's thoughts? I think this gives an appropriate balance between
ease of adding new wallpapers while still making it easy to produce a
set of RPMs for Fedora. I can take care of writing the scripts.

Ian Weller <ianweller gmail com>                  http://ianweller.org
GnuPG fingerprint:  E51E 0517 7A92 70A2 4226  B050 87ED 7C97 EFA8 4A36
"Technology is a word that describes something that doesn't work yet."
  ~ Douglas Adams

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