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Re: background space usage

Hi Charlie,

Charlie Brej wrote:
> I do realise this is very late since the freeze is on Tuesday, so this
> can easily wait till F11. But if people think it may be possible to
> repackage gnome-desktop and the backgrounds in time then forward the
> attached patch to the gnome-desktop packagers and see if they agree.

This is awesome! I do think it's a bit late in the cycle to
add this in, but this will save us a LOT of work for F11. (I
spent 12 hours redoing the backgrounds all day yesterday and
it was markedly NOT fun)

Does this patch *just* crop or does it resize down too?
otherwise for say 1024x768 you're going to just have one
huge sun. It should probably scale down and crop, right?

I filed a bug for this upstream in GNOME for you, including
your patch:



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