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Re: background space usage

Máirín Duffy wrote:
Hi Charlie,

Charlie Brej wrote:
I do realise this is very late since the freeze is on Tuesday, so this
can easily wait till F11. But if people think it may be possible to
repackage gnome-desktop and the backgrounds in time then forward the
attached patch to the gnome-desktop packagers and see if they agree.

This is awesome! I do think it's a bit late in the cycle to
add this in, but this will save us a LOT of work for F11. (I
spent 12 hours redoing the backgrounds all day yesterday and
it was markedly NOT fun)

Does this patch *just* crop or does it resize down too?
otherwise for say 1024x768 you're going to just have one
huge sun. It should probably scale down and crop, right?

I filed a bug for this upstream in GNOME for you, including
your patch:



Woops, should have mentioned that I also filled a gnome bug.

The patch first crops the image to the specified size and then after app the zoom/stretch functions behave just as before. So it makes image the closest aspect to the desired one by cropping first, and then resizes to the desired resolution. So for the 1024x768 desktop it would crop to 1600x1200 (4:3) then scale to 1024x768.

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