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Re: Artwork Quality (was Re: Sound themes)

Mairin Duffy wrote:
Matthias Clasen wrote:
Well, the quality of artwork to a large extent consists of the general
feeling that it gives the users. Which is a somewhat vague and
unspecific thing, and varies from person to person. It is next to
impossible to identify the one or two specific things that are wrong to cause the impression. I'll try anyway: the default Fedora backgrounds
are stuck in an 'abstract, blue' box for a long time now. Jon's timeline
(that you dismissed as 'just screenshots') shows this very nicely.

Okay. I remember very specifically that after F7 we were asked to focus more on abstract backgrounds. For example:


"something much less branded and image-based"

We have kept this up for a while so perhaps it is time to try to go back to the image-based artwork.

I am one of those strongly believing our default artwork should be blue, it is part of our identity. I want a desktop that is easy to be recognized as "Fedora" and we can do this either by sticking to our "signature" color as default or by putting a huge "infinity bubble" in the middle of the screen... with the later option not being feasible.

I haven't polled the entire team about it, but I can pretty much
guarantee you that this description is _not_ what we see as the target
audience for the Fedora Desktop.

Okay, so we may need to bring Fedora marketing into the discussion as to who Fedora's target audiences are since it seems the marketing team is marketing to the wrong audience, at least as far as the desktop spin is concerned? Perhaps marketing should develop different target audiences/strategy depending on the part of Fedora being marketed since maybe the audiences are different depending on the particular spin or other part of Fedora involved.

I am not sure I am reading this right, but it may be the intention for a "Desktop" spin with a different target audience than the rest of the distro.

Do you think we should have our own *set* of Fedora wallpapers and not ship the GNOME defaults by default? Or should we be working with the GNOME art team upstream to change those defaults? (But is that appropriate, to be influencing upstream's default to be shipping wallpapers specifically chosen to 'go' with Fedora's brand?)

Then good thing we started a "Wallpaper Extras" collection in the wiki, hopefully we will be able to select a few good ones from there. Maybe we should advertise the project more to get more and hopefully better contributions.

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