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Re: Artwork Quality (was Re: Sound themes)

Matthias Clasen wrote:

This I can just not let stand. Mairin. The old us vs. them game again. While some desktop team members may be more vocal and harsh in their
critique than others (and, as you pointed out yourself, not native
speakers, this applies in both directions), I can assure you that the
dissatisfaction with some of the Fedora art is not limited to them.

I am quite sure that "artwork" tends to be very subjective and it is complete not possible to please everybody. However feedback should be specific and should come early to be useful. If after 5 releases, someone says that "you know what. All the past 5 releases, artwork has been sucky. I will not tolerate this anymore", then it doesn't do anything to improve it.

The impression seems to be that, distribution specific polish work is being treated as "playing in the sandbox" as opposed to upstream work which is a pretty bad attitude to take if we don't want to lose our users or letting others take credit for the work being done within Fedora. It does affect our viability in the longer run. Regular communication helps us more.


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