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Updated Solar Backgrounds Package


I've just built an updated Solar Backgrounds Package with many fixes
provided by Mo, and more resolutions/ratios [1]. As per request from
both gnome and kde folks the package has been split into
solar-backgrounds (for Desktop Live Spin) solar-backgrounds-common (for
KDE) and solar-backgrounds-extras (containing everything not included in
the previous two). Since we are in freeze already (sorry for it, we
could not make it in time) and the packages are rather big, I'd like you
to test it first before I request a freeze break. You can d/l from koji
[1]. Please report any problems, preferably on fedora-art-list or by
mail to me directly.

If no serious problems/regressions are reported, I'll request a freeze
break at Friday.


[1] https://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=68050

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