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Re: [Echo] New preferences-system-authentication icon set

On Mon, 2008-09-01 at 00:39 +0200, Hylke Bons wrote:
> Just an overall comment: I find the smaller sizes of echo-icon-theme
> (16x16 and 22x22) very hard to recognize. This is because the
> isometric perspective doesn't work there. Are there plans of making
> them better?
> Hylke
We are doing our best to make it as easy to recognise as possible, but
in such small sizes it's rather hard to do. It's not a problem of
isometric projection since 16x16 is actually flat (plain 2D).

We have no plans ATM to change the perspective (projection is better
word) guidelines since it would require us to redo almost every icon... 

From time to time, I have a feeling though we could make a parallel
project that would take icons from gnome-icon-theme/mist and just apply
all but perspective echo guidelines on it (not sure though yet, how to
call it, perhaps echo perspective?). But since we are short on people
it's hardly possible this would happen - however, if there were someone
who would be willing to invest their time into this project, but not to
the current echo, we (or at least I) are willing to grant them enough
rights to do so.


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