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Re: [Echo] New utilities-lvm icon set draft

On Fri, 2008-09-05 at 03:01 -0700, Luya Tshimbalanga wrote:
> Martin Sourada a écrit :
> > Ok, found some issues with echo-add-icon:
> >  
> >         * You need to add context (in this case app) to document
> >         properties in document metadata (this would have been done
> >         automatically if you had created the icon using echo-new-icon). 
> >         * It seems you use older version of the template, so you should
> >         rename the "Artwork" layer to "artwork" layer
> >         * You need make a group of the objects for 48x48 icon first and
> >         then lable the group as "scalable"
> >         
> > After fixing these issues, generating everything (even the SVG I had
> > some concerns about) works fine. If you have questions, just ask.
> >   
> It looks time to improve the scripts. 
Not sure about that - the context in metadata is necessary, so that the
script knows where to put the icon - having 48x84 icon labelled as
scalable is necessary for the script to know which objects to keep and
which to delete when generating the scalable SVG.
> I have updated utilities-lvm icon set. Let me know what can be
> tweaked.
The context in metadata is in description not in identifier (jimmac's
decision). The label for 48x48 is scalable not #scalable.

> Luya

I'll create explanatory screen-casts soonish (hopefully today). Btw. the
only one thing you could mess up if you create the icon using
echo-new-icon is the scalable icon label - the rest is checked (i.e. you
cannot enter wrong or none context). Well, you could make a typo in the
icon name, but that cannot be checked by the scripts :-D 

I attach fixed (for the one canvas workflow scripts) version. The
concerns I had about the icon itself (save for the shadow and tallness)
[1] still stand. The darker blue you used is better, but still not
perfect - it should contrast with the icon in 48x48 and smaller sizes
and thus making it better recognisable against various backgrounds (e.g.
the 22x22 or 16x16 is really hard to recognise) and in echo it should be
generally darker than the icon fills.



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