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Criteria for theme selection


Since our deadline to choose a theme is Sep 21 I would like to make sure before that point the criteria for selection are clear.

Our base requirements is that the theme must have all required artwork needed for round 3.

We have not yet had a case where more than one theme met this basic requirement. In case we do have multiple themes that meet this requirement, we need a fair method to choose which theme is selected as the default.

Some ideas:

- I believe Nicu suggested at one point that the number of people involved in creating the theme should be a selection factor, as the art team is a community effort.

- I think perhaps setting up a vote could also be useful. The vote could be restricted to currently-active art team contributors and/or it could be opened to the whole set of Fedora accounts.

- We could let FESCO decide.

My suggestion is that we have a vote within the set of active Fedora art team contributors. The problem is how do we determine who is allowed in this vote - who is active?

We could do:

- anyone who contributed a theme idea or artwork throughout the 3 round process - anyone who has contributed a design to the art team (via the design queue, echo theme, or art theme process) in the past 6 months (the fedora 9 release period) - anyone who is in the art group in the account system (i don't think we have cleaned this out yet though and there are a few inactive accounts still I think)

What do you all think?


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