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Re: R: Criteria for theme selection

Samuele Storari wrote:

I think the vote will be totally open to the whole community.

Why I think that?
Cos the graphic it's made for all, think about art, think about expression, it comes from the inside need of someone to express to other, to comunicate.
I hope we don't think to elevate us over the other people, we aren't the keeper of a sort of graphical wisdom, we create for the community, we work for all them and I think will be the right thing let the community decide.

The trouble is that the large community knows little about usability and good design. I said it before and I say it again: if we keep a popular vote, I bet I storm the results if I propose some softcore anime or a half-nude photo of Angelina Jolie.

Don't forget in first the community have to use what we create, and we have to hear to the voice of the majority.

We usually hear the voice of a loud minority.

So this is my opinion.

Free Art - Free World. :D

And then let's make all our decisions (about defaults, application choices, packaging) based on popular vote.

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