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Re: R: Criteria for theme selection

2008/9/9 María Leandro <tatadbb gmail com>:
> at least 30% or 20% should be a community decision... right?

Here's my view, as a Board member.  I consider the multiple rounds of
discussion over the themes as a prolonged "community" decision. The
final artwork decision is a culminating event in a process. Are people
encouraged to participate in the earlier stages of that process as
part of the art team? if they choose not to participate in the
previous rounds do they have the context to make informed decisions at
the final stage?  Have they earned the right to be a part of the final
decision?  I'm not sure they do.

Everything that gets done in Fedora is done by a subset of a larger
community. We don't make it a point to take a community wide poll when
the technical bits need to be updated.
We put the trust and authority to make decisions into the teams
responsible for developing those bits.  And I'm not sure we should
treat the default art work any differently than we treat gdm or the
installer..things which end up making use of the artwork... by opening
up the decision making to a popularity contest.

-jef"That being said... solar better end up being the theme cuz it
makes an awesome tie in to the International Heliophysical Year which
is happening now"spaleta

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