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Re: Criteria for theme selection

On Tue, Sep 09, 2008 at 10:36:04AM -0400, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?M=E1ir=EDn_Duffy_ wrote:
> What do you all think?
Flip a coin. (kidding)

I don't doubt the existence of at least two of the three remaining
themes, and so I'm glad we're talking about this *now* instead of at the
last minute ;)

I'm personally for a contributor-wide vote on it, using the FAS voting
system (go talk to Nigel Jones), because we want to ask the widest
audience possible, while still keeping the whole process sane and
relatively organized. Or, perhaps even better, take a two-part voting
approach; 50% of the vote allocated to current Art Team members (recent
contributions, 6 months, yada yada) and 50% for the community. I have no
freaking clue how the math for that would work, but I think it would
help alleviate both concerns of 1) some of the general public not
understanding usability (which I think is bunk, but whatever) and 2) not
including the entire community in the process.

To say it in the most crass way possible, it's the best solution to get
community input, while still showing that we can override it if we
really really really want to. It sounds horrible (or at least it does in
my mind), but it's the fairest way, IMHO.

And whatever it comes down to, it's still going to be really hard for me
to choose votes, even if we use Range Voting. Gears is growing on me ;)


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