Game graphics needed - Project: Starfighter

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Tue Sep 16 14:29:36 UTC 2008

Maybe some of you are familiar with a game named Project: 
Starfighter[1], a shoot 'em up whcih used to be part of Fedora (it is 
still available in Fedora 9 - use "yum install starfighter"):


Unfortunately, this game is not entirely free, it uses some non-free 
data files (mostly graphics, music and sounds) so it was temporarily 
pulled from Fedora, until those graphics are replaced.
Hans de Goede, from the Games SIG[2], contacted me and asked for help: 
while the music and sounds can be replaced with free equivalents from 
other games, there is a need for new graphics.


I persuaded Hans to file a request in the DesignService queue[3] and to 
make the data available in an usable format[4] (it uses to be in a .pak 
file which needed special tools to open).


Now what's needed from us: the tarball contains a "gfx" directory, with 
a number of PNG images. Among those are some which need to be replaced: 
character portraits and starfighter (and other spacecraft) images.

I have to witness that this is not my favorite game genre (I can't play 
5 minutes before getting bored) and also I don't have experience in that 
particular drawing style (pixel level tweaking in a raster editor), so 
probably I won't do much for it (maybe I'll try some portraits).

So if anyone like this game and/or that style of graphics, this may be a 
fun project and a noble goal (freeing a game).

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