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requesting art group membership? please read this


Since i announced the F10 theme vote, we've received a deluge of art group membership requests, some clearly approveable but many not.

Here is a reminder of what you need to do in order to be considered for membership in the FAS art group, as outlined on the Fedora Art Team main wiki page [1]:

-1- Join this mailing list

-2- Send an introduction to the mailing list, talking about your art/design experience and interests so we'll know what kinds of design tasks you might be interested in helping out with.

-3- Complete a small design task such as one at the design service queue or email the fedora-art-list mailing list to be assigned a task.

-4- Once you've completed an initial draft of your design task, submit it to the fedora-art-list for feedback. Once the task has been completed and approved, you may then proceed with requesting access to the art group.

If you have not fulfilled these 4 steps, your membership request will not be approved.

If you have done work for the art team in the past but have not applied for art group membership for whatever reason, or if you have applied for membership but it is still unapproved, I would greatly appreciate if you would email fedora-art-list with a note saying that you are applying for art group membership, and also noting which work(s) you completed that you'd like considered in your application.


[1] http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Artwork#First_Steps

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