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Re: Round 3 theme and fedora-fr community

On Tue, 2008-09-23 at 11:50 +0200, Samuele Storari wrote:
> sstorari *claimed* that he had remade the photo cos he had remade the photo.
> If u take a look in the source before write something u can see that the problem was solved creatin' the blade from 0.
> I think it's clear this sword is totally a patchwork of various level created.
> Just take a look to the level "Blade_White Copy" as u can see this piece was totally fake.
> Created by using the clone tool, in fact u see it's totally the same in every part.
> It was created by taken a first part from the photo and than manipuleted.
> As for other parts.
> The Hilt was totally reworked using dodge/burn tool and other "effect" of photomanipulation but u know they don't create new layer.
> So just a little question: If u can't do something, it means that it can't be done?
> Sorry, but I'm a lil sick to try to defend my work everyday and u wait til the last day to make a "new" question?

Samuele, I'm a big fan of Quentin Tarantino, and collected some desktop
backgrounds when Kill Bill Vol. 1 was going to be released.  One of the
backgrounds features a katana sword which looks to me to be identical to
the one in your source .XCF file:


When we talk about having an entirely free desktop theme, it means that
*all* the elements must be created from free sources.  Is this sword
graphic -- the one used in the Kill Bill poster and apparently your
source -- available for free use, modification, and distribution?  If it
is, there's absolutely no problem with the InvinXble theme.  If it's not
then we can't use this theme for Fedora 10.

Paul W. Frields
  gpg fingerprint: 3DA6 A0AC 6D58 FEC4 0233  5906 ACDB C937 BD11 3717
  http://paul.frields.org/   -  -   http://pfrields.fedorapeople.org/
  irc.freenode.net: stickster @ #fedora-docs, #fedora-devel, #fredlug

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