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Re: Legal issues with InvinXble? (I doubt so)

Martin Sourada wrote:

I haven't read the whole discussion yet, but I feel greatly disappointed
with what I read so far. First, I have an impression that Mo and Nicu
are somehow biased against Samuele's work. First, some weeks ago, Mo
kept asking Samuele about Moon brushes in the Solar theme, when the
Moons were already removed from the artwork, next there is the problem
in katana. As nicu pointed out, the original design indeed resembles the
Kill Bill poster, but even though I saw the .ogv file he provided, I am
not 100% convinced Samuele used that katana. But that's beyond the point
- we all know, the original katana had some licensing issues and Samuele
just wasn't educated enough in that area to discover them himself.

(read to the end)
I didn't believe it either but when you look at the layers of the image you can see it. Attached is (on the left) the image of the "Da Sword" layer of the invinXible theme and on the right section of the image from http://img1.jurko.net/wall/paper/hattorihanzo_1280.jpg (fair use). Along with the stones used to cover up the second and third holes.

I think sstorari was rather naive thinking he can get away with something like this and the implications would have been very embarrassing if it wasn't picked up before release (I could see the geek media headlines now). I don't think he realised these implications at the time.

*But* I do respect the ability of learning based on mistakes and judging by the fact that he, apparently, is staying up all night to try and correct his errors, he is now probably much wiser about the repercussions of this than than the average person.

He has less broken the CLA and should at this stage come fully clean, sign it again and I think people will find it in their hart to forgive him. I think that the reworked designs will probably be just as good (if not better) than the submitted ones.

I really do hope he does not get turned off from the community as his work is really excellent and I don't think he should let this bitter his experience. The biggest thing I learned from personally contributing or watching others contribute to open source projects and have their work discussed publicly is that people (especially me) take this stuff more personally that necessary.

JPEG image

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