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Re: Echo vs the destkop

William Jon McCann wrote:
Hi Bill,

On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 5:53 PM, Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> wrote:
When we approved Echo as the default icon theme for F10, I was under the
assumption that this was already more or less known as a feature to the
Desktop group, and they were OK with the coverage provided and the
experience given. Is that the case?


I had thought Matthias volunteered to serve as the Desktop team representative. He had outlined a plan here which is what the Echo folks have been following:


I also was under the understanding that Echo was set as the default in rawhide to enable the folks working on it a chance to get fuller coverage, and that if it was deemed to not have appropriate coverage, it would be pulled. But I'm not directly involved in any of that, I think these were things brought up in the FESCO meeting about the Echo feature.

Looking at the desktop now (beta), I see:

- at least three different icon perspectives in the stock menus
 (echo, 'stock', bluecurve)
- nearly all 'upstream' gnome apps using non-echo style icons
- an immediate disconnect between the perspective of the stock
 icons and the perspective of the main menu logo

It also appears to me that the Echo icons scale to menu size I'm
using (24) much worse than the prior icons.

Are we planning to address these issues, either by increasing the
Echo icon coverage, or changing various apps to point to system
icons provided by Echo?

I strongly disagree with the decision to use the Echo icon theme.  For
one, there is simply not enough time before Fedora 10 to fix the
problems that you point out.  There is also the fact that the quality
of the artwork is noticeably lower than the upstream GNOME and Tango
icon themes.

The Echo artists have been working hard at improving the coverage. If it is not there in time for the preview release, I presume they would try again for F11. Martin and Luya and perhaps FESCO can probably speak more and better to this.


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